FORUM RULES! (READ ME) Updated as of 1/30/2010

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FORUM RULES! (READ ME) Updated as of 1/30/2010

Post by Rob D. on Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:08 pm

All the rules stated in this post must be obeyed and followed at all times. Not doing so may result in a warning or ban. Lets keep these forums clean and neat please! If you have any questions about any of the rules or feel we are missing an important rule, please feel free to contact a staff member about it.

1. NO excessive swearing/cussing!
Swearing and cussing can lead to violence and hatred. If you have a problem with another member, take it to the private messaging function.

2. NO inappropriate/pornography content!
Underage users use this forum and do not need to see this sort of explicit content.

3. NO double posting or useless single word posts!
Double posting and useless posts can create a messy forum. This is not attractive and will drive members away from the forum.

4. NO spamming and/or troll posts!
This makes the forum dirty and will not be tolerated.

5. NO abusive actions towards other members or staff!
Treat the members how you wish to be treated. If you have a problem with someone, take it to the private messaging function.

6. Do NOT ask to be part of the staff!
This will only lessen your chance of ever becoming one.

7. Advertising in signatures and topics is STRICTLY prohibited!
If you wish to put a link to a website of yours, please use the designated spot in your profile.

8. False sales posted in Buy/Sell/Trade sections is STRICTLY prohibited!
Backing out on sales will only cause more problems. If you wish to sell something, make sure you are going to follow through!

9. Do NOT give out personal information of another being!
This includes email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and last names if they do not want this information to be known. A persons privacy must be respected at all times!

10. Discussing illegal or dangerous activities is not recommended or supported!
Posts of this nature tend to be incriminating. We cannot be held responsible if posting such content on this site leads to legal issues on your behalf.

11. Your username MUST consist of your real first name and your last name or initial!
A nickname for your first name is tolerable, other than that, no codenames. (Example: Jonathan Doe, Jonathan D. / Jon Doe, Jon D.)

12. Usage of the images on this website without the owner's permission is STRICTLY prohibited!
Images posted on this forum are not to be used on any other website and/or forum under any circumstance unless permission is given by the rightful owner of the image. This includes images in the galleries.

Following these simple rules will result in a happy community so please do not abuse the system.

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