My 1975 K-223 lives again! WOOT!!!

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My 1975 K-223 lives again! WOOT!!!

Post by Beau M on Tue Feb 23, 2010 2:12 pm

Hey guys. I just thought I'd announce it here just like I did on DT, that my 1975 K-223 is alive again, all thanks to Erik B at the DT forums (the one who gave me the fan). I shipped the motor to him a few weeks ago. He looked at it and found that one of the berings was stuck. So all he had to do was lie the motor with the shaft pointing down. And I think he tapped upwards or maybe it was downwards and freed up the bering. He tested it out in his 1976 K-223 with Westinghouse motor and it ran great. He shipped it back to me Saturday saying it be here by Tuesday (which is today). And much to my suprise I found the package last night on my dining room table. So I took it, put it in my 1975 K-223, put everything back together and now the beast lives again! And now I don't have to run a Frankenfan anymore. Now the 1st gen blades are back on their rightful fan and the 1982 K-223 has its own blades back on. And for the first time ever, all 3 K-223's are operational.

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