Lakewood vs. Lasko

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Lakewood vs. Lasko

Post by Beau M on Wed Sep 02, 2009 11:04 pm

Hey guys. I posted this on DT so now I'll post it here for those who are not on DT. It's a comparrison between a Lakewood 101 brace blade box fan and your typical run-of-the-mill Lasko 3733 box fan. Okay, we all know that both of these fans are nothing but garbage. But I thought I'd do this just to share with you my view on how they compare to each other. IMO the Lasko 3733 is, for the most part, worse than the Lakewood 101 brace blader.

Here are a few reasons.

1. The Lasko 3733 and its Galaxy branded equivalent come in these bullish almost round cabinets. Not even the Lakewood 101 or the more high dollar Lasko box fans come in these awfully shaped cabinets. Definitely not my style! No

2. The bladest is awfully flimsy looks like nothing more than a small daisy flower.

3.The badge on the front grill is very close to the hub causing it to slow down. This is worse on the Galaxy branded ones due to the shape and size of the badge.

And now for some pics.

They look to be relatively the same size but if you look closely the Lasko looks just a tad bit thinner.

If you look at the next two pics, you'll notice that the Lasko, due to the shape of the frame, has the feet kind of close together while the Lakewood has its feet further apart. Also note the Lasko's fuse plug. Razz

If you look closely, you'll see that the motors are relatively the same size.

Here are the boxes for the two and as you see in the second pic, they are relatively the same size in width. Also, the Lasko's box is the current style. Unlike the box to the Lasko 3733 that EmersonCollie trashed and spatsbear finnished off by frying it with 220 voltz.

And if you guys think that the Lakewood 101 brace blader looks like a cheapsie child's toy compared to my beefy K-223, take a look at how the Lasko 3733 looks compared to it.

If you look closely at the pic, the almost round shape of the Lasko kind of makes the K-223 seem almost like an S-223. Razz

However, there are some pro's to the Lasko compared to the Lakewood.

1. The speed switch is still at the top.

2. The paint job is not quite as bad as on the Lakewood, which has alot of pits and some paint blemishes that the Lasko doesn't have.

3. The handle on the Lasko is solid plastic instead of flexible plastic, as on the Lakewood.

So there you have it. My views on Lakewood vs Lasko. I know I'm posting this again, but I know that some of you are no longer on DT so I thought that you guys ought to see it too. So, this is my view on the two fans. But make no mistake about it I think they're both pretty much junk but between the two, the Lasko 3733 is the ultimate bomb! Twisted Evil

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